Welcome to our website - Beena Engineering Works. We are the prime manufacturer and supplier of Pinch Valves. By wandering through our inventory of pinch valves, you may come across our level best valves. Our impressive range of industrial pinch valves includes manual and automated pinch valves.

We possess successful installations of pinch valves in different fragments of industries. Experienced and dedicated team work is the only key factor of our success. Beena Engineering works is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, which is indulge in manufacturing various kinds of industrial-valves. Moreover, we are fully vigorous for the aftersale services.


We produce Pinch Valves under the brand name of FLOWRISE. We have designed and developed varieties of flowrise pinch valves like chain operated pinch valvesgear operated pinch valveopen body pinch valves and close body pinch valves for the various industrial applications. For the corrosive application, it is proved to be perfectly suitable valve, especially for 100% tight shut-off. Simple mechanism of this valves leads to the highly economic solutions for the smooth flow requirements. For the pinching action of the valve, various actuators are applied.

Our pinch valves has found its broad spectrum applications in the foreign countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Arab emirates and many more. We have our business associates in various countries of gulf, Middle East and south East Asia.


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Beena engineering works is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company of Gujarat, engaged in fabrication of the various kinds of pinch valves. We make our pinch valves under the brand name of FLOWRISE. Our flowrise pinch valves is at the top for many industrial applications, but mainly it is used for the corrosive and abrasive medium. Commonly it is used to control the flow. We have designed and developed varieties of industrial pinch valves like chain operated pinch valves, gear operated pinch valve, dispatch valves for the various application.

Sleeves are made from different material as per their applications. They are fabricated by stringent process with expert monitoring. It provides quick closure of valve. Full port design helps the sleeves to handle highly abrasive media and allow unobstructed flow with tight shut-off when required.

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We are the prime manufacturer and supplier of Pinch Valves.

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Pinch Valves Manufacturer In Gujarat, India

An established production setup consent to manufacture qualitative ranges of pinch valve. With the experience of more than two and a half decade, we have developed our infrastructure good enough to have all advanced fabrication facilities. We manufacture pinch valves under brand name of “FLOWRISE”. Further, we possess 2 independent manufacturing units. All integrated fabrication techniques with dedicated team work of expert professionals has enable us to provide all facilities of fabrication like repairing and customization under one roof. Friendly atmosphere of our workshops has help us to implement new technology of manufacturing. Successful installation of the different kinds of the pinch valves has made our brand reputed and won us more business.

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Chain Operated Pinch Valves

Deep knowledge of technical activities and about the area of usage has made us able to fabricate best quality pinch valves with many options. Being ISO certified company of Gujarat, we manufacture large ranges of the pinch valves. Our pinch valves are manufactured by following norms and conditions of international standards. Qualified man power and modern facilities of fabrication are ideally integrated to implement perfect end products. Our qualitative ranges of pinch valves with successful installments around the world have made our brand FLOWRISE, recognizable and made us preferred pinch valve manufacturer. Our pinch valve ranges belong to diverse sectors of industries.

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Gear Operated Pinch Valve

Our pinch valves are fabricated under the brand name of FLOWRISE. We hold many successful installations of pinch valves in different wreckage of industries. After being successful brand in India, FLOWRISE has reached to the new edges of the employment, globally. It’s all over quality helps us to expand our wings in many countries of different continents. Our valves has gain its market in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Malaysia, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Nigeria, Nepal, Bhutan, Kenya and many more countries. We also have business associates for the countries of gulf, south east Asia, Africa and middle east.

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Close Body Pinch Valves

Experience of more than three decades has helped us to develop highly advanced infrastructure. Well organized fabrication activities have helped us to manage our trade. The activities like procurement of the raw materials to final dispatch of the end products are managed considering quality of the products. We have enough stock of raw material. We pay attention on customizing pinch valves. We respond quickly for any of the queries. So, being major manufacturer and exporter of the pinch valves, we are marked as best pinch valve supplier.

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Open Body Pinch Valves

We make our pinch valves under the brand name of FLOWRISE. We are very punctual in the after sales services. We are considered as one of the top most manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of the pinch valves. We have designed and developed variety of pinch valves like chain operated pinch valves, gear operated pinch valve, open body pinch valves, and close body pinch valves for the various industrial applications. Ahmedabad is commercial capital of Gujarat, India. We possess all basic, necessary facilities at Ahmedabad. Transportation is also key factor of our trade which is easily available at Ahmedabad.

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