Pinch valves contain simple mechanism among industrial valves. Valve body is totally out-of-the-way of the fluids. So, valve body is not affected by the corrosiveness of the fluids as well as fluids do not contaminated through the contact of metal part of the valves. Due to this properties, it is preferably used for the fluids got contaminated through the metal.

More effective benefit of the pinch valve is least frictional resistance, allows the free flow of the produc

No special tools required for the replacement of the sleeves.

  • In pinch valves fluids are not come in contact with its metal parts.
  • Low maintenance
  • Low operating cost
  • Leakage proof
  • Ideally corrosion resistance
  • Easily operated, user friendly valve
  • Smooth flow
  • Perfect throttling
  • Seat less and glandless valves
  • Preferably handle abrasive and corrosive media
  • Easy replacements of the sleeves

It has one disadvantage of the valve that is collapsing of the sleeves due to vacuum.