To satisfy the taste of customers, we have developed our range of pinch valve considering all their needs. Certain modification in the product made it popular amongst importers and dealers of various countries. Our qualitative range of pinch valves are been succeed to reach the targeted market of Kenya, Nepal, Bhutan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Arab emirates, Nigeria and many more.

We believe that quality speaks itself. Our high quality pinch valves that contains distinguishing features, preferred exclusively in foreign countries. We export our pinch valves like chain operated pinch valves, gear operated pinch valve, open body pinch valves, and close body pinch valves to these countries at regular basis.

Our successful installations of pinch valves in different wreckage of industries of India has help us most to enter the foreign market. For our reliable, user friendly and cost-effective pinch valves, we want business associates for the countries of gulf, south East Asia, Africa and Middle East.

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