Gear Operated Pinch Valves Supplier

Our large inventory of pinch valves contains gear operated pinch valves extensively used where high torque is needed for the operation of the valves. Desired throttling can be achieved with perfect action of the gear operated pinch valves. These seat less and glandless valves are available with elastomer sleeve with reinforced lugs. Gear operated valves are preferred to eliminate accidental situation. Gear is act as a self locking system. gearing is used for the system.

It contains rubber sleeve, protected with cast iron or other materials like cast steel or aluminum. The rubber of the sleeve is varied depending upon the uses. The rubbers like Natura, EPDM, Nitrile, Neoprene, Silicon, Butyle, Hypalon, Viton and Sbr are used as per application area in various industries. They are provided with collar caps. It is used for the isolating and regulating applications.  Our gear operated pinch valves find their applications for the regulating and throttling function for the dense fibrous media. The body design of the valve helps effectively function for the total shut-off of the valve.


  • Anti corrosive
  • Connection option available
  • Compact model
  • 100% tight shut-o
  • Cost-effective
  • Light weight
  • Easy to install, easy to operate

  • pharmaceutical industry
  • chemical industry
  • general engineering
  • food processing
  • mining industry
  • sludge control