Pinch Valves in India

Pinch Valves Manufacturer

Beena engineering works is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company of Gujarat, engaging in fabrication of the various kinds of pinch valves. We make our pinch valves under the brand name of FLOWRISE. Our pinch valves are preferred for many industrial applications, but mainly it is used for the corrosive and abrasive medium. Commonly it is used to control the flow, also in challenging conditions. We have designed and developed variety of pinch valves like chain operated pinch valves, gear operated pinch valve, dispatch valves for the various applications.

Sleeves are made from different material as per applications. They are fabricated by stringent process with expert monitoring. It provides quick closure of valve. Full port design helps the sleeves to handle highly abrasive media and allow unobstructed flow with tight shut-off when required.

Applications of our pinch valves are proven best for the different industrial sectors like chemical, paints, oils, slurries, lubricants, waste water, beverages, alcohol, dairy products, fertilizers, powders etcetera. It is extensively used in mining and food processing. To operate the pinch valves electric or pneumatic systems, wheel or pinching devices are used.

Many varieties of rubber sleeves are used.

  • Natural rubber sleeve
  • Nitrile rubber sleeve
  • EPDM rubber sleeve   
  • Neoprene rubber sleeve
  • Butyle rubber sleeve
  • Hypalon rubber sleeve
  • Silicon rubber sleeve
  • Viton sleeve
  • Sbr rubbers sleeve

It also contains housing, end covers and flange made from the materials like aluminum, plastic and stainless steel.