Pneumatically Operated Pinch Valves Manufacturer, Supplier

Our Pneumatically Operated Pinch Valves are example of precise engineering abilities of our dexterous team. We have successfully installed many Pneumatically Operated Pinch Valves in different industrial fragments. Pneumatic cylinder is used in spite of hand wheel and piston of pneumatic cylinder is act as the spindle. We use finest quality pneumatic accessories.

These kinds of valves are provided with pneumatic cylinder to open and close function. These pinch valves are available with good quality pneumatic accessories. In pneumatic pinch valves, in the position of fully opened valve, it is opened full as the pipe line, while in the closed condition; it approaches tight shut-off position. The pneumatically operated valves controlled by pneumatic cylinder, offer perfect on-off function and throttling control for the flow of abrasive media.