Pinch valve is one kind of control valve which is preferably used for abrasive fluids. Reinforced sleeves, made from different types of rubbers are used to control flow of the medium. For the corrosive application, it is proven perfectly suitable valve especially for 100% tight shut-off. It is also too effective for the pellets, granules, chippings, powders, fibers, and for all kind of slurries.

Pinch valves contain very simple design among the industrial valves. It is highly suitable for on-off and throttling services. Application of the pinch valves is preferably relevant to suspended oils, fluids and slurries.

Different kinds of the systems are used to operate the valves like hydraulic and. It also contains conventional for the operations. The sleeve walls are forced by the operating system. Under pressure sleeve walls got together and provide shut off function to the flow.

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